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What is Terrazzo Veneziano?

Terrazzo is a composite material made by mixing marble, granite, quartz or glass chips bound with cement, coloured with natural oxides and blended with water in order to give strength and flexibility to the material.

Terrazzo Veneziano is a flooring typical of the historical Venetian palazzi. Different shades and sizes are explored, providing a wide range of colour and design. Terrazzo Veneziano lends itself to both indoor and outdoor areas, uniting antique and contemporary styles in perfect harmony. 

Terrazzo Veneziano is one of the most versatile tiling options and first choice for many discerning architects and designers. Marble and stone, selected from all over the world, come together in Terrazzo Veneziano to create gracious floors that have the soft and natural glow. 

Terrazzo remains one of the elegant flooring option in the market today. It is truly an epitome of subtle elegance in floors which are cost effective and though. The quality and proportion of materials and the rigour of the manufacturing process set Terrazzo in a class of their own.




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